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    Welcome to Newcastle Artificial Turf Co

    Nothing is more beautiful than having fresh grass growing on your lawn. Since it grows naturally and is affected by outdoor elements, real grass is quite hard to keep and you might not appreciate its beauty all the time. For instance, sudden increases in temperature can affect the appearance and development of grass. But fret not, because our company knows that to do.

    Newcastle Artificial Turf Co has the right solution to having that fresh, green grass all-year round— installing astro turf or otherwise known as fake grass. For so long, this product has been in the market, and its features and quality has been continually improving. This product is so amazing that you can hardly tell the difference between the synthetic one from the real grass.

    Our team are ready to help you with any project, large or small, covering all areas from Sydney to Central Coast.

    What is Astro Turf?

    Astro turf or fake grass is composed of synthetic materials and made to resemble the natural grass. This product usually comes from recycled objects. What’s best is that it can last for a more than a decade, depending on the quality of the materials and the process of installation.

    Moreover, this product is the best alternative to natural grass for outdoor areas such as lawns, sporting field, pool surround, and playground as it has different shades, texture, and fibre sizes.


    Benefits of

    Synthetic Turf

    Because synthetic grass has been constantly evolving, it has become a crowd-favourite for homeowners and business owners in Newcastle, and the advantages for its use just keep going on. Some of them are the following:


    It is easy to handle and install

    Astro turf is a hassle-free material, and it can be installed practically on any surface, regardless which month it is during the year. Any changes in the climate cannot affect its installation quality.

    Little to no maintenance

    In contrast to natural grass, artificial turf is perfect for those who lead busy lives as they don’t require watering, pruning, trimming, cutting, and treatment using pesticide. The absence of water and sunlight and the presence of sudden weather changes do not affect nor alter the quality and condition of the installation.

    Variety of Applications

    This grass alternative is so versatile that it can be easily applied on any surface. Residential lawns, community parks, backyard, pool surround, playground surfacing, sporting grounds, school grounds, childcare centres, and much more.

    It is safe for kids and pets

    Modern-day artificial lawns can thrive without any pesticides, fungicides, and fertilizers, it affords a safe place for both kids and pets to play on. Our fur babies chew on almost anything and they love running around. So, with top-quality astro turfs, you will have a peace of mind knowing that the surface is safe for them.

    Cost Efficient and Sustainable

    Having artificial grass installed on your property will be more practical and easier to maintain than a real grass. So, you can really save up on costs in maintaining, mowing, spraying it with pesticide and other things needed for the lawn.

    Natural Grass Look and Feel

    Premium Build

    Quality Service

    Where Can I Use Synthetic Turf?
    Installing fake grass is great for both indoors and outdoors, either in residential or commercial properties, or even in public locations. To know more, here are other surfaces on which an artificial lawn can be installed:

    Schools & Playgrounds

    school grounds are a place where kids can play around. However, when it rains, the grass can be slippery and muddy. With a proper artificial turf installation, you can turn these grounds into a safe and healthy space for kids.



    One way to improve your commercial property’s façade is through an artificial turf installation. If your property is located in town centre amusements, restaurants, parks, bars, and local council landscaping, then this grass alternative is great for you. Be it a short-term or a long-term installation, it can really spruce up your area’s looks.


    Sports Grounds

    The process of installing and maintaining real grass is quite a feat to pull off. For this reason, big venues such as a football field are now opting for the astro or artificial turf. The great thing about fake grass is that you can’t point out the difference from the natural one. Plus, the alternative grass is so much easier to maintain.



    Having green, smooth, and clean artificial turf in your property really elevates the aesthetic and functional aspects of your overall home. The best part about installing fake grass is that you get to enjoy its relaxing and fresh view all-year round, without any hassle.

    Services We Offer

    If you are in Newcastle, Lake Macquarie or the Hunter Region and looking for the best supplier and installer of artificial turf for your residential or commercial property, then you have come to the right place. In this industry, we are the company to trust.

    Our company offers a wide selection of supplies and services for synthetic turfs. All of our products come from the most reputable producers in Australia and all over the world. We make sure that all of our products and services have complied with industry standards and approved by the experts. Further, all of what we offer are tested and proven by home and business owners in Australia.

    Timber Decking Bendigo Co

    Our experts can walk you through all the different types of grasses and accessories for your project.

    We can still provide you with top-grade turfs for your home, business or outdoor area. If you are uncertain about your what turfs will be best for your needs, our specialists can guide you in selecting the right material that can fit your budget perfectly. You are guaranteed to never fail on your grass alternative selection when you work with us.



    Our team of landscape professionals can help design and install your perfect setting for synthetic turf. 

    We have our own materials and we can install the turf for you to avoid further stress and costs of hiring a separate provider.

    With our skills, techniques and experience, we can give you a long-lasting artificial lawn.

    Bendigo composite deck installation
    Bendigo composite deck installation
    Maintenance and Repair

    If ever there’s a need for maintenance or repairs for your existing artificial lawn, you can seek the help of our pros.

    What’s so great about our company is that we offer cost-efficient solutions that will help you save on costs and will help you maximise the advantages of your fake grass.


    Here are the frequently asked questions from our clients, and the answers will help you make a suitable choice. 

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    How much does synthetic grass cost in Australia?

    The usual astro turf installation or repair costs in Australia range between $53.50 per square meter to $60 per square meter. For labour or services, there are professionals who often have an hourly rate of $50. However, it is important to keep in mind that these rates may still change based on some factors, such as:

    • On the type of artificial grass
    • Comes in many different shades, texture, fibre length, and resistance features, and the price increases as the quality.
    • On the size of the area
    • More expensive in bigger areas.
    • More materials and labour needed
    • On your existing landscape
    • The need to remove the old installation
    • Make sure that the surface is smooth enough to have the new ones installed
    • On where you are located
    • The labour and installation service costs vary throughout England.
    Is there the best base for synthetic grass?

    The base material for the artificial lawn installation forms an integral part of the whole project. Picking the right one will guarantee you that your fake lawn can stand the test of time and will last for many years. The following are the three common base materials for synthetic turf installation:

    • Tarmac
    • The most popularly used base material
    • Houses a combination of features – both porous and hard.
    • Serves as solid material for foundation
    • Allows water to naturally drain and prevent sagging
    • Asphalt
    • Best alternative for tarmac
    • Quite hard and solid like tarmac but not porous.
    • Concrete
    • The hardest and firmest among the other base materials.
    • Lacks porosity
    • May need to build a drainage system.
    Does artificial grass provide a pet friendly surface?

    The only tested and proven artificial grass that is safe for humans and pets alike comes from only reputable manufacturers. This is mainly because these don’t have strong chemicals that could imperil your furry pet’s health and safety. Further, these products afford durability, thus, they won’t easily detach or tear off when pets chew on it or play around. What’s also great about it is that it is so soft that it won’t cut or irritate the skin.

    What can I do to clean my artificial turf?

    The cleaning methods for your artificial lawn vary on several factors such as the number of pets, the heaviness of the traffic, and outdoor elements. An artificial turf doesn’t really need cleaning, a heavy rain is enough to clean it, but there are still some dirt and debris that may not be thoroughly washed away.

    In order to preserve its perfect, green colour all year round, a simple cleaning such as hosing down is ideally done once a week. For the leaves and fibres, brushing them off must be done monthly.

    Is it safe to install artificial grass yourself?

    To ensure the success of installing artificial grass yourself, you must have the right skills, experience, and the equipment. To date, there are a lot of homeowners who do the installation on their own.  Just make sure that you get quality supplies from the best company, together with the corresponding instructions for the DIY installations.

    NSW’s Premier Artificial Grass Installer

    In terms of quality supplies and services for artificial lawn installation, it only comes down to one company— Newcastle Astro Turf Co. We can cover the needs of both residential and commercial property owners in from Sydney to Newcastle.

    We guarantee you that our synthetic lawns are from the best and the most trusted producers who have been constantly giving premium quality fake turfs for homes, schools, parks, and other areas and venues in Australia. So, reach out to our astro turf specialists today and get a free quotation.

    *** Disclaimer – This website is owned and managed by a 3rd party, referring all enquiries to Synthetic Grass Suppliers. All work is carried out by licensed professionals. All liability for any loss or damages stays with the independant contractor who carries out the work.